The Understudy Pancreas is a blog about our family life for the past twelve years since our second daughter’s diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes. From baby to adolescence, our story encapsulates every stage of child development, and the triumphs and trickiness that growing up with Type 1 Diabetes can entail.  It is hoped this blog will act as a source of comfort and hope as you face different challenges presented by Type 1 Diabetes. Above all, the author hopes she conveys that growing up with Type 1, although not easy, isn’t impossible, and that siblings may thrive together whilst walking this path less trod.

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  1. Always wondered why abbot didn’t release as a CGM? was battery life too short (as it has to broadcast too often). Can it at least provide high/low warnings (which is my #1 criteria – have to as no glucose awareness).

    • It doesn’t provide high or low warnings unfortunately, just retrospective information. However when you “flash” the bg reading is also accompanied by a trend arrow.
      But for Pumplette, this didn’t give her all the things her Dexcom cgm does. The alarms, accuracy & integration with her insulin pump are all features she loves & isn’t prepared to forgo.

  2. Hello,

    I’m looking for UK English-speaking children aged 10-18 to participate in a localization project for Spectrum Translation, and I’m wondering if you could help me by sharing this message or referring participants (or maybe your child is interested?). Participation pays $100 USD and involves reading a questionnaire then having a 45-minute phone interview about the language in the questionnaire. You’ll receive $25 USD for every participant referred.


    Riteba McCallum

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