A decade lived in hope. A cure for Type 1 10 years on…..?

This week I had something of an epiphany.  I was sat in a room with a dozen Type 1 adults.  A muggle amongst magical people.  There was an energy and force within that room which was almost tangible.  These people, from all walks of life gathered from across the planet, were united in their desire to not let a single person with Type 1 feel alone or overwhelmed by their diagnosis.

As I sat there listening to this passion and focus I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and relief.  For these are the people my daughter looks up to.  They are the ones whose determination and focus inspire her to do more.  To know more.  To be more.  They are the ones who will be there when she is older and no longer wanting to rely on her muggle mother.  They will gently help her navigate turbulent waters with a non judgemental voice of understanding.  And, when she has found her voice and her stride, I can imagine her taking her place alongside them, reaching out to the next generation below.

I feel incredibly lucky to have been invited to the second Animas European Bloggers’ Conference.  Every single one made me feel so welcome and valued as part of their community.  Even the Grumpy ones weren’t quite as grumpy as they’d have you believe!  I’ve made friends who I know will stay with me for the long haul.  They will stop me from smothering with my daughter with good intentions and be there to grab her hand when she pulls away from mine.

Animas European Bloggers' Conference 2013 Delegates

Animas European Bloggers’ Conference 2013 Delegates

So whilst there may not be a cure for my girl after her first 10 years, I’m convinced this fabulous back bone of the #DOC has produced the next best thing.  For the medical knowledge, advise, practical day to day tips, and support are now available from these experts 24/7.  Never again should any child, adult or parent touched by a diagnosis of Type 1 feel isolated. And take it from one who learnt the hard way, the value of a shared journey can never, ever, be overestimated.

As we approach the end of our first decade on this journey, I realise that I am more hopeful now than at any other time in the preceding years.  So much has altered in the past decade, from treatments to access to others, that I feel far more confident about hitting the next decade that will launch her into adulthood, full command of her T1, and a place in the #DOC alongside the most fabulous people you could ever have the good fortune to meet!

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