One whole decade……

This illustrates how from the very beginning, and our fear and trepidation of the new world we were moved to, we managed, with the excellent example set by our daughters, to overcome those darker days and flood them with sunshine and fun!

The past decade has flown past, with advances in treatment that we couldn’t even begin to imagine as we stood absorbing information in intensive care all those years ago. Words are fairly inadequate to describe how proud we are of our daughters.

Pumplette continues to thrive and embrace all that life has to offer and her sisters both take the same stance.  I can think of no better motivation for them all to become smart, sassy young ladies than the fortitude and resilience they all have to draw upon each and every day.

Although I would love nothing more than to liberate my second child from the endless responsibility and hard work that befalls her, I know that she has made the very best of the hand dealt to her and it has fed into the strong character that she is.

One thought on “One whole decade……

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    This fantastic Mum has been a great help to me. In different time zones, she’s been there helping me when struggling with a stubborn high blood sugar in the middle of the night. This is her sweet girl

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