Keeping the positive mental attitude rolling

Once again, this was an eye opening exercise as the editor was made privy to the inner workings of the young Pumplette’s mind…..

These were just some examples of the positive side of having T1D which have been shared with the editor. And yes. The editor has made a note of these…

“One of the very best things is you get to eat sweets in class. My friends get so jealous & I love it!
I have also discovered the merits of a convenient hypo to avoid things I don’t want to do. Maths lesson boring? No problem. A nicely timed hypo will soon see me running free to the medical room.
It can also be the
Best. Ever. Homework. Excuse.

I have also made loads of awesome friends & met some amazing people. Some have known me since I was a baby & others I’ve gathered along the way. I love not having to explain to them what I’m feeling. They just know.

One thing I’m really, really proud of is being asked to be a delegate for both of the JDRF Type 1 parliament events. It’s helped me become much more confident when meeting new people & it’s enabled me to get to know my MP very well. She’s now looking into helping more adults access pump funding because of our meetings & she also wants to look at cgm funding for children & adults alike too.

Then there is also my role as an Animas hero. I feel very lucky to have been asked & I’m looking forward to working with the other heroes & helping all people in the uk with T1.”

As her mother, I’m constantly in awe of how Pumplette conducts herself through the day to day realities of life with T1, finds lots of positives & enjoys being able to help others especially. She is, in my exceedingly biased opinion, blossoming into a remarkable young lady who is the most fierce & loyal friend & protecter.

Ultimately it’s these characteristics that ensure she keeps it positive & remembers the sun does shine during those rainy times.


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