Change the world….


This week, during diabetes blog week, I am trying something a little bit different.

I thought it was about time the star of the show got some airplay and so I have canvassed her opinion on each of the subjects due to be written about this week.

Some padding will be needed by me – she is, after all, a busy girl in high demand – but I’m grateful for whatever crumbs are tossed my way and hope to give you an insight into the little girl who cannot remember a life without T1D.


Today’s topic is an interesting one.  I wondered, before I asked her, what her response would be.  How would I feel if she only offered me the words “To have a cure.”?  For there have been many times in her little life when I have had to dry her tears of sadness and frustration from being the only family member ‘singled out’ for this path.

I needn’t have worried.  Of late she has been in robust mood, happy to conquer and rule supreme over her T1.  I have a sneaking suspicion this may be as a direct result of her own advocacy work & the spectacular way she is currently leading a younger, more recently diagnosed little girl through those same paths which she herself has so skilfully navigated.

Number 1 on Pumplette’s “Change the World” list would be to have a new mummy who lets her have sweets for every single hypo and at all points in between. ( It is at this point the editor would like to highlight that she does not deny the child hypo treatments or the occasional treat.  However, like her sisters, and before T1 even entered our lives, she was always a stingy so and so who would keep sweets on a strict ration.  A point which I’m certain her dentists will thank the editor for at a later date!! )

Number 2.  Insulin.  For every single adult or child who needs it.  Regardless of where they live or how much money they can earn. To a child, it is incomprehensible that another human being would value a few pieces of metal and paper more than another person’s life.  I love the way my child thinks.

Number 3.  Put simply, Pumplette would like to see an NHS in America.  She has singled out the USA as she isn’t fully up to speed on the amount of other countries where medicines are paid for by individuals and not by all for all.   There are many who knock the NHS in the UK.  Mine is a child who appreciates its value and the part it has played in keeping her with us today.  Once again, this wish from a 10yo comes down to valuing other human beings and wanting to take care of them all.  Wouldn’t this planet be a better place if we listened to the simple logic of a child?

Number 4.  “Dear Animas, please may we have green cannulas available in the UK? I like the pink ones, but I’d also like to match them with my pump too, once in a while.  Thank you.”

Number 5. “Free CGM for all who’d like to use it!”

Number 6. This one prompted a long discussion.  Pumplette would like there to be a greater understanding about all types of diabetes.  No more sensational headlines.  Clear and accurate, factual reporting.  Mine is a child whom has been on the receiving end of bullying from ignorant children.  Her composure and reaction to the bullies always humbles me.  But it also exhausts her.  My wish is the next time a by-line editor hovers over the publish button on a sensational headline bearing no relationship to the complexities of life with any form of diabetes, he or she would pause and imagine the consequences of their actions on a little 10yo girl.  Then choose not to perpetuate the ignorance but instead use their position as educators to the most powerful effect.

Number 7.   The editor was told, in the most strongest of terms that this is a non-negotiable, absolute essential.  There are to be no short cuts or scrimping on this one.  Frankly, if only one of the seven points were to get through, this is ultimately the one she would want to pounce on.  (Even though she knows the right one would be free insulin for all.). Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please queue up at your next clinic appointment for your standard issue hypo awareness dog.  Magnanimously she has also decreed that you may choose the style and flavour of your new hound too.

So there we have it.  How to change the world from the eyes of a 10yo, and how to ensure dog trainers are kept in business for at least the next ten years……..

We hope you enjoy your free puppy that will accompany this blog!!


7 thoughts on “Change the world….

  1. Of the 55 posts I have been able to get through this evening this has been the best!!
    I would like a Lab/ retriever mix, please.

  2. I absolutely love that we get to hear from Pumpette as well as from you this week. She is pretty amazing and I definitely think we should put her in charge of the world. One small request – can I have a hypo unawareness cat instead? I understand I may be asking too much, so no hard feelings, but I had to at least try. (I do love dogs too, so if they the only option I would still like one please!)

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