One of the many things I’m grateful for are the unique experiences that have been afforded to us since Pumplette became host to our uninvited guest almost 11 years ago. From Jeff’s skydive, way back in the spring of 2004, when he raised a phenomenal amount for the children’s hospital that had saved our daughter’s life, through his many sporting achievements since (half marathons, full marathons, entire Mars bars, cycling odysseys, the list is endless!) and our opportunities as a family – indoor skydiving, ambassador roles for all my girls – to visits to parliament for Pumplette, we have embraced every new experience & opportunity as a blessing. Changing something we’d rather not have known about into something that holds many more positives for all our children.

I guess we are, fundamentally, an optimistic family. Life experiences have taught us well to live now & be so very grateful for all that we have. That my biggest gripe regarding her medication is that I actually have to remember to order it, not whether I can afford it, is a first world problem I can happily embrace, for it is a privilegenot afforded to far too many.

Last week, Pumplette was lucky enough to be invited to finish what she started & deliver JDRF’s Count Me In petition to Downing Street. Throughout this campaign JDRF have been garnering support calling for more governmental research resources to be channelled toward research into the causes, prevention & cure of T1D. Their aim was to highlight how much cross over & insight into T2D there is stemming from T1D specific projects. Sadly the reverse is not so true with the cross over to T1 relevance being much less. So whilst the numbers assumption is to plough money into T2D research as it affects so many more people, the reality is that research mainly helps that cohort alone. Whereas T1 research has a massive cross over & indeed there have been many advances made into the treatment of T2 as a direct result of research focusing on T1.

Pumplette has been the “face” of this campaign, and, although very biased, I felt it apt that this should be the case. For over the past decade, she has seen massive changes & benefits in her regime, all of which started on a bench in a lab. Fabulous research, driven by people who weren’t prepared to accept the status quo. Who may never know the impact their discoveries & developments have had “in the field”, but for who’s tenacity & determination I am eternally grateful.

IMG_2300-0.PNGWay back when summer days were sunny!

IMG_2861.JPGFinishing what she started

Whether our current government pay full attention to the voices raised within the many thousands of signatures, time will tell. However, as the optimist I am, I am hopeful that even if it is only a humble civil servant who reads & responds to the petition, & it raises the profile & challenges faced by all who live with diabetes to just that one extra person, then that is another one who can join our voice. For if I have to tick them off one at a time to bring about a change, I will! And my daughter’s future will be bright.

IMG_2857.JPGBest. Selfie. Ever!!

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