Modz bg meter – first impressions

Disclaimer: I do not work for Modz and have not been paid for writing this post. We have received a free meter from Modz & 100 test strips so that we can use this meter and gain a personal idea about how this meter works for our family. Non of my opinions should be taken as medical advise – it’s already a miracle that I manage to keep three children, a husband, dog & hamster alive! I couldn’t stand the extra responsibility for keeping you or your loved ones sustained too!

The start of half term week & an exciting parcel arrived on Tuesday from Modz in Finland. Nestled inside the bright green boxes, was this. The latest bg meter to hit the European market, launched in the UK almost two weeks ago.


These are a few of our first impressions about the meter & what, if any, benefits Pumplette & I can see there’d be from using it.

1) in a country where we can access free bg meters & test strips, increasingly of the pwd’s, cwd’s or parents choice, the price tag that accompanies the Modz meter will, no doubt, rule it out of many people’s minds due to funding alone.
The cost of the meter & test strips though has a purpose, so bear with me & keep reading!

2) Modz was much, much smaller than either myself or Pumplette expected.

3) the touch screen, I’m reliably informed, is “on point”! (That’s cool in elderly person speak!!)

4) there is the ability to “programme ” the meter so that it will prompt a bg check at pre-programmed times.

5) if the child presses the wrong button in response to these prompts but still carries out a bg check, that alert will not be silenced until either the settings are changed by the person with access to the pin, or the child completes a second test in the correct order!! Grrrrrr!!

6) this is where the expense comes in – the meter has the ability to email up to 3 addresses when bg checks have been carried out & text one number the results too. In order to do this, there has to be an internet/mobile enabled sim in the meter & the “service packs” include this capability. Think of it as paying your mobile provider for your data allowance.

7) 6 only works if there’s mobile reception & there’s no way of knowing whether it has this at point of use as there are no little bars in any of the corners indicating signal strength. Or otherwise, as is more usual for us cave dwellers!

8) 6 could be a really positive feature for children who are pushing for more independence whilst the parents are more reticent to let go. And works out cheaper than a cgm habit & cgm in the cloud!

9) conversely approach the text or email result with caution! Pumplette has had a couple of checks where she under filled the strip & it came out with 1.3 & 2.4 readings when her bgs, on repeating the checks, were actually in the 6’s & 8’s.

10) we are still figuring out how we feel about all the features. The big test will be how she feels about it after a week using it at school.

From my own personal point of view, I’m not keen on her having “good” results which are rewarded with credits to a game. As a family, we have always been very keen to reinforce to Pumplette that bg checks are not about good & bad. Passing a test or failing it. They’re about giving her information upon which she has the knowledge & ability to act.

But I know we are all different & that there may well be many children & parents who work best within the confines of right & wrong & rewards. Horses for courses!

In summary, our first impressions are, we love the very compact & discreet size of this meter. I’m still struggling with the paying aspect of the piece, but if I took this out, then certainly when Pumplette was younger & in preschool & primary school years, the ability to know she was being supported to check her bgs in a timely manner would have been ideal.

To be continued……..

2 thoughts on “Modz bg meter – first impressions

  1. Ah that was the one thing I wasn’t sure about too – the good or bad test results. As a diabetic parent knows only too well, even with ‘well-controlled’ diabetes there can be horrible results sometimes, especially with children. So we too are keen to impress on our girl that a good result is one she has bothered to do at all, and has taken sensible action over. Maybe the rewards could be for numbers of tests done, rather than an in range result, seeing as those who test more frequently are meant to be those who have better long term control. Good balanced review 🙂

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