Spare A Rose, save a life

Just by happy chance of fate, I was born into a country where there is free healthcare for everyone at point of need. That healthcare is the most sophisticated & up to date on the planet, delivered by professionals who’ve been trained to the very highest standards. And my family and I are lucky enough to be afforded all of this, just because of our place of birth.
Just because of chance.

But there are many millions who are not lucky with their birth place. Poverty, lack of education & circumstance result in too many children & adults dying from illnesses & conditions needlessly.

Which is why, this Valentine’s Day, I shall Spare A Rose, because flowers die, children shouldn’t. For the price of a single rose, it’s possible to save a child’s life for a month, providing them with life saving insulin. You may never meet that child. But you will know. I personally think that’s an awesome fact to know.

And this year, I’m going to make a pledge that lasts longer than one day. For the price of a coffee with a friend each month, I will be able to continue to help a child access life saving insulin throughout the year. What a tiny cost to me, with all my first world privileges. Because I believe I should never forget how fortunate I am that fate landed me here. For I & my children, could so easily have been dealt a different hand by fate.

So pass on the good fortune & Spare A Rose this valentine’s day. And if you’re able, why not forgo one of those coffee meets a month so that a child can continue to grow & thrive.

Spare a Rose

3 thoughts on “Spare A Rose, save a life

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I think it’s so great to see so much support from everyone in the worldwide diabetes community pulling together to help spread the word and make #SpareARose a success! It’s really wonderful of you to help make it happen. 🙂

  2. Thanks for being a part of the SpareARose community. I feel a special kinship with you family or son was diagnosed at 9 and the next year his 7 year old little sister. Like you we had the happy chance of fate that is access to insulin. Like you my heart goes out to families that didn’t have that same chance of fate. That is why I, too, Spare Roses.

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