Changes – Day 4 Diabetes Blog Week 2015


Looking back to the early days of Pumplette!s diagnosis, I can remember gazing at the baby sitting on the floor opposite me & wishing she had a window on her to display what bg number she was contending with. In those early pre speech days, I was hyper vigilant. I knew every pallor of her skin. Understood the slightest variation & would react quickly & nervously to any & every change in hue. How amazing, thought I, would it be if there were some display about her person to give me a heads up on where this is heading.

Fast forward a decade & we now have that window for her numbers in the form of her Dexcom cgm. Every morning when Pumplette checks it before we head out the door for school, I smile. And am grateful. So unbelievably grateful. Not just for myself. And my lass. But more especially because now I know that no other parent of a tiny one diagnosed with T1 should ever have to navigate those tricky waters we did. For the tools to make this bumpy road a little smoother are now readily available for little ones. We are fortunate enough to be cared for by the NHS & increasingly funding is being allocated for little ones to use this amazing technology.

So the changes are ones I’m eternally grateful for. Things that seemed the work of science fiction a decade ago are an integral part of our lives today. This makes me look to the future with excitement about the advancements the next decade will bring, as Pumplette blossoms into adulthood & a life away from us.

And the biggest change I’d like to see? My biggest hope for change is equality of access to all aspects of diabetes care across the globe. That children & adults still die because they can’t pay for insulin is shameful. The fact my child has access to all this state of the art technology because of the happy chance of her birthplace is, in this day & age of a globally connected mankind, fundamentally unfair to the child who suffers & dies from this diagnosis.

So I shall continue to support the IDF’s Spare A Rose, Save A Life initiative. And hope that the next decade brings about this seemingly idealistic wish.

For I’ve already got proof that dreams come true.


One thought on “Changes – Day 4 Diabetes Blog Week 2015

  1. It’s a good reminder how far we’ve come! I started out at age 12 with testing my pee in a test tube (makes me feel really old šŸ™‚ ) and now have a CGM and starting on a pump soon… Must be such a relief as a parent to have this technology, I can’t imagine!

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