Diabetes Blog Week 2015 – Day 1 #ICan

#ICan is the first topic in 2015’s Diabetes Blog Week
With this in mind, I thought I’d list a small sample of how my girls can!

Pumplette can:

Use her experiences gained being an Animas Hero, JDRF Ambassador, & all round socialite, to give a speech which resulted in her now being one of the youngest members of the current UK’s Youth Parliament.

Visit one of the seats of UK democracy, to deliver a petition to raise the need for an increase in research funding for T1 diabetes in this country. Although she was more interested in the pets we encountered on the way.

Be inspired by & inspire, in equal measure, 50 sporting delegates with T1 this past weekend. (And also chastise the author of this post at 03.30am for still being out in the bar at that hour…..)
Get thrown off & run over by a fairground ride, & yet still insist, with a 2inch hole in her scalp, that she was fine & really didn’t need to go to hospital…..

Fulfil her lifelong held ambition of becoming a vet – just you watch.

Refuse, point blank, to step foot on any more massive roller coaster rides after her first go, despite having the fast track armband fastened securely to her wrist. Ensuring that her elder sister & father would be condemned to a long day of even longer queues whilst she indulged in far more gentle & sedate amusements with her mother & younger sister!


Be a true friend & inspire all those around her. Her calm presence & wicked sense of humour have distracted many a newly diagnosed child from their own concerns & helped put parents’ minds at ease as they watch this very capable child, full of life & health, living the exact same way as her sisters. Never allowing T1 to stop her or her sisters from achieving all they want to.

And finally, #ICan ensure that all my daughters have a happy childhood, filled with love, appreciation & inspiration. For every single one of my girls live around T1. And every single one of them is amazing.


4 thoughts on “Diabetes Blog Week 2015 – Day 1 #ICan

  1. Some beautiful family photos there and a great insight. Thankyou for sharing. I’m sure you are a proud parent 🙂

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  3. You’re pictures are so beautiful and it seems like you have a family life we all can strive for. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your world. Happy diabetes Blog week!

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