Keep it to yourself! Day 2 – Diabetes Blog Week 2015

Today the topic in blog week is Keep It To Yourself

Despite how it may look on this blog, I do adhere to a very basic, unwavering, set of ground rules.

1) if the star of the show says no, then the blog goes in the trash.

2) it’s not my diabetes, it’s the star of the shows, and therefore if she doesn’t want a subject discussed in public, you won’t see it here.

3) all data & medical information belongs to Pumplette. It’s not mine. And you will never find me sharing anything without, you guessed it, her say so.

4) I try very hard to keep Pumplette as anonymous as possible in order to prevent this blog flashing up when she is googled by prospective employers in the future. Again, this is her life. Not to be ridden on & lived vicariously by me!

So you see, even though I’ll share some of the experiences we have had as a family, some of the triumphs she has achieved and some of the stickier patches too, I will always strive to lead by example & write about her with respect to her privacy whilst giving parents belief in their children’s amazing capabilities. Hopefully then, despite our anxieties as parents, we can ensure we support our children to go forth with confidence & skills that they need to flourish as adults. And keep our worries locked up in the cupboard where they belong, along with the bogeymen our children asked us to chase away there too!


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