Back to school

I have spent the last six weeks in a glorious timetable free state with the girls. Although the long sunny summer days didn’t make as many appearances as we’d have liked, the lack of clock watching & abundance of bumbling & dance routines choreographed has been utter bliss! The girls have hunted sheep (see below), swum miles, camped & socialised in abundance & are all the happier for it!


Those six weeks have flown by & today will be spent in a flurry of “I can’t find…..” & “this doesn’t fit!” as I attempt to coordinate three sets of separate school kits before the start of term tomorrow. 

I have, somehow, managed to remember to order extra medical supplies so the school’s boxes will be complete with the necessary spares. An accomplishment of which I am rather proud!

This year I have added an additional piece to Pumplette’s school kit. During the summer term Pumplette was somewhat fed up with the increase in supply (temporary) teachers at the helm in her lessons. These teachers would quiz her if she needed to check her bgs in class at a time when she would really rather not have any spotlight shone on her. When hypo, Pumplette wants minimal attention & certainly no fuss whatsoever. The lack of understanding or information given to these supply teachers was resulting in many encounters which left Pumplette feel very uneasy. 

Which is why I came up with the idea of informative postcards. On one side there is a photo of Pumplette with her name on the bottom. The reverse side gives any teacher or adult in a position of authority all the necessary bullet points they need to know at that moment in time. Pumplette loves them. They’ll give her a shorthand to communicate her needs to a teacher or coach, without the need for a protracted discussion on the topic. 

So. There we have it. Our back to school kit is all complete. Bring on the new school year & all the exciting opportunities it has to offer! 

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